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"But she told me she wasn't!11!"

This movie was fucking awful... I can tolerate a lot of things in a movie but BORING isn't one of them.

The few things that kept me from falling asleep in my chair was banter between that one dude from Kill Bill (Michael Madsen) and a guy that sounded like he was a badass straight out of the wild west (William Forsythe) but even then there were some 'wtf' moments in their dialogue.

Speaking of dialogue... too much talk not enough action.. and even during the action scenes.. damn characters were utterly retarded. "noo plz stop what are you doing' .they are trying to KILL you, stupid cockhead!

Plot holes you could drive mack trucks through.. shoddy action and gore.. a tacked on, expository dump at the epilogue with a "stronghold" that has a WOODEN FUCKING FENCE...

Horse_pasture_plank_fence.jpg OOoOooOO Zombies beware of the 4' tall fence!

Bring booze and at least one friend to rip this movie to bits
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