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I needed a little palate cleanser and since it's Valentine's Day... I ventured into the realm of "already watched" to bring my lovely audience... A ZOMBIE ROMANCE MOVIE! HORROR!!!

Yes there is no Valentine's Day Massacre of the dead here.. instead it's a surprisingly and frankly very well made movie that adds a unique perspective to the zombie genre.

Here we focus not on the survivors but on the day to day activities of the dead.. one in particular being a slightly dopey, somewhat emo dude simply named "R"

Honestly I thought this was going to be a stupid sappy saccharine pile of chick flick fluff from what I first heard about it.. but fortunately I ignored it. There is a part two thirds of the way through the movie where it stabs you right between the eyes what play it's drawing a couple things from.. oh man I felt stupid when the symbolism train ran me the fuck over... but it's just one of those "...really??" moments which fades pretty quickly.

Watch this movie.
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