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Damn tree

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:evil: Was taking a shower after work and heard a loud ass bang, I figured it was an car accident as I live near a busy intersection. So I go to leave an hour later and a 35 foot healthy Oak branch decided to make a new home in the bed of my truck. The tree is about a 100 feet tall and the branch came from about 20 feet up. the kicker is there was no wind the fucker just fell for no damn reason. :evil:

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You should train your attack trees better.

Seriously, I hope you have insurance for this kind of thing.
Talk about some luck. Sorry to hear it man, strange that is just snapped without any wind.
mother nature spanked you but good.

+1 on insurance.
It is a sign, send the branch out and have it made into AK furniture...

Sorry about the truck!
Thats typical of oak trees. I had 5 of them near my house when I moved here 17 years ago. all were mature trees between 75 & 100 yrs old. Out of the 5 there is only one left, and its on borrowed time. Oaks tend to break rather then bend. that branch could have been cracked and ready to go for a while. Your home owners insurance may cover the damage.
My car insurance will pay, I have to call tomorrow to see if its a 250 or 500 dollar detuctable. Thankfully no one was hurt and i'm glad it didn't fall on the cab as that would have totally ruined my day. It just sucks ass you know what I mean, not even safe in my own fucking driveway, WTF :neutral:
turn it in to your home owners most likely zero deductiable........
Thats going to need a bedside :(
10Gauge said:

Must have been, damn peckers.
Gundoc's right. They crack in storms and then fail later.

Man! I had a Dodge Quadcab myself for three years. I loved that truck! Mine got taken out by two red light runners. Everything on the passenger side from bumper to bumper got wiped.

We're down to just one Pin Oak in the yard and a few very large old pines with 4' dia. trunks. Those scare me. They overhang the bedrooms! I can't afford the thousands of dollars to have them removed either!

Down here in hurricane country we see the ground get saturated by storms and then the wind will shove the hardwood trees right over and the roots come out of the ground! The Pines are dirty nasty trees, but have deep tap roots. Unusual for them to go over in a storm. But they will shed large branches. Had one puncture our roof one time!

Our next house ain't gonna have no trees near enough to damage it!
Pecans do that too. Just decide to shed branches all of a sudden. There are a lot of them in central Texas. I have a pretty big one in the center of my back yard and try to not let anything get over my house. The good news is that when they shed branches, I cut 'em up with a chainsaw, let 'em season a while in the woodpile and then use them in my BBQ pit. Pecan is a great smoking wood for brisket and ribs. Oak too, so, MotorcityMan, at least you can have the satisfaction of burning that damn branch.

This happened in November (kid ran a red light and hit me). I agree with the previous weather cracking the limbs. We had a crazy storm in SE Michigan a month ago and the hardest hit was my city. That storm must have did this and we're seeing the aftermath a month later.

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I don't know if it would be different between states, but I always carry my comprehensive insurance with a zero deductible. Through State Farm it doesn't cost that much more. Then deer strike, vandalism, windshield, hit and run, and stuff that happens while parked are covered.

My wife was driving and someone threw a 1 liter bottle of soda at her blazer. It broke the mirror off the side which swung down and dented the door. Insurance paid $280 with a police report. I bought a mirror at the junk yard for $40.
it's a truck. dents add to a trucks additude. it shows it's a working truck not a garage queen. :mrgreen: just joking. :twisted:
Dude, it's a sign. Sell the Ram and buy a Ford :mrgreen:

Seriously, though. That sucks nutsack.
In the 10 years we've lived in this house, I've had 3 of 5 large (over 30' tall) black oaks come down. The first one was rooted 10' from the front porch. Came down in the middle of the night during some heavy wind. It fell parallel to the house and I didn't hear it come down. What woke me up was the loss of power to the house, cause it took out the power lines feeding the whole block. Not fun.

Get yourself a chainsaw and some brisket. Smoke, eat, enjoy.
Blanco_Diablo said:
Dude, it's a sign. Sell the Ram and buy a Ford :mrgreen:

Seriously, though. That sucks nutsack.
Nah,Chevy or Toyota will do better. :wink: :grin:
Didn't you have that one accident the morning of shooting trip to the Pit?
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