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CZ-2000 rare bird (pic heavy)

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Nice, I haven't seen many pictures of these.
THank you for posting the pics!
We brought in five. Three carbines and two short carbines.
Serious piece of hardware there. Great pics.
I thought they dont exist anymore except the test series.

Czech made Kalashnikov?
Great pics of one of the rarest rifles!

Did these ever go into production in Czech. ? Can't see how the dustcover latches at the rear yet.
Pretty much all Kalshnikov but with some innovative Czech. mods. " Me Likey "
I would love to have one of those in semi-auto. :razz:
Were these derived from the AK-74 or were the Czechs simply inspired by it and needed a cheap way to get a 5.45 chambering (before going to 5.56)?
That is really cool! I would carry one if I was given the chance. I wish you still had pics of the short one and I wish you would have took pics of the FCG. I notice the bolt carrier has two FA trips.
Cool, rifle. Got to see them in person at the SAR show in Phoenix a few years back.
Drool! I want one in semi-auto, so put me next in line for one!
i wish they went into production.
Don't tease us.
Very nice! Wasn't savvy on this one! They certainly tried to add a greater sense of operation. Granted, a prototype! Thanks for the review. Got me doing more research on them!
That thing is amazing. I am in love with it. Thanks for bumping this back up because I had never even heard of this thing.
video of me shooting one is in my thread
Has anyone tried other countries magazines in these? I have read speculation that the mags will interchange with Bulgarian/Russian .223 mags, but know of no one with actual experience. Any info or pics appreciated.
1 - 20 of 20 Posts
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