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Have some authentic Russian AK100 series / GP-34 complete recoil rods for sale. These are not Saiga/Vepr push button rods and those wouldn't work anyways.
Perfect to complete you AK100 clone, all in new condition with a bit of shipping wear.

$120 shipped each from PA
I accept DISCREET (no gun words) Paypal (gift or +3%),
or $115 shipped each if paying with USPS MO

Only 10 are available. ALL CURRENTLY SPF.
Cross-posted and time stamp rules.
Post "I'll take it" and follow up with a PM please.
1x johnsomw SOLD
6x SOLD tower
1x SOLD jodabo
1x SPF Ornstein

Reference pics from Tantal's AK74 guide and from Techno:

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