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Crack-smoking capitalism...

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Some of us must be sitting on gold mines! Whewee... :eek:


Chinese steel 30rd. mags - $38 each
Russian aluminum waffle mag - $500 ea.
Russian 45rd. RPK-74 bakelite mag - $400 ea.
Russian 30rd. bakelite 7.62 mag - $300 ea.
Chinese 75rd. drum with pouch - $400 ea.
Valmet 30rd. waffle mag - $120 ea.
Russian RPK steel 40rd. mag - $60 ea.
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And some of you will pay those prices.

That's hilarious. I've got about two dozen plum Izhmash magazines. They ran great in the recent Vickers class.
JoeMomma said:
I would say...

:tokeit: :tokeit: :shotz: :shotz: :bh:

Neutrino45 said:
I feel better about avoiding that place now.
Those prices...
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And yet they sold. Maybe I should put my bridge up for sale there. :twisted:
...here you go....$50 Chinese steel mags......

yours are $12 cheaper! :lol:
I used to be registered over there. I don't remember why I quit going, it's been so long...... 2003 or so....

Maybe I should re-register.

I have a funny feeling in my stomach, now.................
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Last time I checked you can still buy Izhevsk plum AK74 mags for about $25 each and AKS74 kits for about $500 shipped with more accessories than that one...
Wasn't the same bulgy kit for sale here, for $600.
Woody said:
Wasn't the same bulgy kit for sale here, for $600.
Sadly, I considered buying that. I want an AKS74 kit that matches and is in unissued condition. That was the first one I've seen in about a year.
don't hate the dope playa, hate the bong
puff, puff, pass
are ya kidden i love these prices! :grin:

i just sold one of the mags that came with my polytech spiker for $45. ima sell the three mags it came with and buy 10 cheap romy mags :lol:
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