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Couple of Romy builds

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Built these with 555th over the past year, some are new builds, some are rebuilds.

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I really like the MD-65.

Sweet little collection of Romy's you got there.
Thanks for showing your very nice Romanian collection. :wink:

I have a dream to fall upon a nice underfolder kit at one of the Gun Shows. :roll:
At this time I do have a WASR underfolder, but I would love to do a Battlefield Pickup Underfolder.

All I collect is Romanian they are fun to collect, and more in my price range.

If you don't mind maybe you can give some detales like:
Who did your builds?
What kind of parts did you use?
What kind of receiver did you decide to use and why?
How much did each project cost?

I am new to the whole parts kit thing and wish I had gotten into it more early when things were less expenceive.

I love to see other peoples projects, I'm ever learning, and getting new ideas.
I do own to parts kits at this time they are 1965 & 1967 all maching Rommys and I will be giving them the Battlefield pickup look. :wink:
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All of the rifles pictured are built by 555th and myself.

Cost per build is about $200 +/- (not including kit price), that includes compliance parts, NDS receivers, engraving and park finish.

I prefer NDS receivers for several reasons, custom serial#'s, fit, finish, price, etc..

Ewbanks has made some good receivers in the past, but they are not as consistent in quality as NDS and they also lack the customer service provided by NDS.
Thanks You and many others stand behind the N D S receivers.
So mine will be NDS-1 as well. :wink:
Very nice builds!!! :grin:
BigAl & 555th
What refinishing method did you use for the wood? Nice color.

The wood is just stripped down, lightly sanded and 3-4 coats of Shellac, buff with steel wool between coats.
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