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I built one of those m10 kits centerfire had a while back, its dressed up like a maadi side folder :) Gas block and fsb fit up nice and the barrel threaded easy too :)

anyway I am trying to convert some of the german 22 mags. and I have a couple of questions.

1. what did you clearance so the bottom insert would fit all the way in? I need an extra 1/8 inch of clearance but I can't tell where its bottoming out.

2. the german mags hold the bullet tip up further and during hand cycling the bolt was catching on the bullet still in the mag (not on the rim)and sliding it forward a bit and jamming on the nose of the bullet in the mag. I tried to bend the follower down to reduce the angle, but it snapped. or is this a non issue while running?

I noticed it does not like to extract hand cycling with the factory mag. the bolt bounces off the face of the barrel a 1/16 and does not sit tight against the barrel when firing. It looks like the extractor is pushing it back just that little bit. I functioned fine when firing though, I only shot 13 rounds or so.
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