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Converted 10 round Russian AK74 mags - gauging interest?

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I converted a couple of SAIGA 5.45x39 10 round mags to work in my SGL68-31 and was going to do a couple more. Is there any interest in converted 10 rounders like this? Once I have all the tools out and things set up it's not too bad doing several. Modifications include removing material at the front of the mag body, angling the top of the front locking lug (and side feed guides), and shortening the spring (which includes making the correct bends at the end of the spring to engage the floorplate piece).

I was surprised to find that the factory didn't shorten the springs to fit the mag bodies! I got a big surprise on the first one I opened up when that spring exploded out of the mag body! For my converted mags I shortened it by quite a bit and would likely do that with any future conversions.

Here's a factory military 30 rounder next to the SAIGA 10 rounder and my converted one with shortened spring:
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I think the cost would be something around $40 per mag (maybe $45 shipped). The short mag body is nice for some types of shooting, particularly from the bench and with the price of ammo these days, I know I find myself not loading more than 10 at a time, anyway!

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Looks like a great idea! I don't have an AK-74 so I don't need a mag like that, but I can certainly vouch for 10-round mags. The 30-round mags look cooler, but a 10-round mag is way more convenient for shooting. As a matter of fact: I rarely shoot with anything else, since the larger mags make it difficult to find a comfortable shooting position. And who can afford to load up a 30-round mag nowadays anyway? :p
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Why not use commercial Bulgarian mags for converting? You just turned $80 true black mags into like $10 mags
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These aren't $80 mags...lol. I will sell you some unconverted ones for $70 each though if you are interested. ;)
Why not use commercial Bulgarian mags for converting? You just turned $80 true black mags into like $10 mags
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