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Compliance parts on WASR 10/63

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What US made parts come from the factory on these guns. I'm questioning the parts count on these.
It appears to have Romy furniture, Pistol grip is brown, but looks new[Not like the Romy G grips]. The muzzle brake has what looks like a C stamped on it. Piston I,m not sure about, but looks like it has been spot welded one side to the carrier and has crude machine work look.
I see a Tapco trigger group, but don't see markings on anything else.
If they're are markings, what are they?
I'm not sure this has the correct parts count.
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WASR 10/63

Sounds like your gas piston is U.S.Made from what you said about the marks and heat marks, when they come with wood stocks they have a U.S. stanless steel piston, when they come with the U.S. made black plastic they leave the Romanian gas piston in place.

The C on the muzzle break stands for Century arms.
And it came with a black pistol grip that also had a C on it.

Your Tapco trigger group is 3
The black century pistol grip is 1
The slant muzzle break is 1
The un marked U.S. gas piston is 1 = 6

I wish I could post pics, but the grip is brown,brand new, looks like Tapco but not marked like it. I'll take it off tomorrow and look inside the grip for markings.
Where is the C mark typically on the Century grips? Thanks, mp
On the newer ones like yours on the upper side on the older WASRs, on the bottem.
Go TO :
Want to sell - AK parts & Accessories

Then count down about eight

to :

Wts - Lots - O - AK parts :Wood, small, pg's more added 7/9

after you click onto that : count down 8 pitcures and you will see a Centuery Arms black pistol grip whith a C on the upper side. :wink:

(Sniper 48) is the one selling the stuff.
Does anyone have a picture of a Romanian gas piston vs. a century one? I always thought the 6 us parts were the same no matter what stock combo you have. After all The WASR rifles come in such a variety of stock configurations but all are the same rifle. I was just wondering.

1-pistol grip?
5-gas piston?
6-muzzle break?

I don't have pics.
The Century gas piston is a crudely machined piston, no markings. The brake[mine] has a C stamped on it and feels like it may fall off. My rifle has a Romy grip and a US made floorplate on 1 mag, along with C marked H,T,S.
My gun has a folding stock.
This is mine or at least a pic of one like my layaway

Found this pic on gunbroker but mine's exactly the same. Just a few more payments and she's coming home :) Then she's getting some E German furniture. I've got U.S. floorplates to cover the pistol grip and unfortunately may have to buy either a U.S. gas piston or follower. I'm keepin my fingers crossed for that Century Gas Piston already on the rifle.

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I have that same sidefolder WASR 10/63 got it new set up just like that, I also have a WASR underfolder Both came with the black cheep U.S. made stock sets.
When Century Arms started running out of wood on the yugos they went to plastic, then to save time and money they started doing it on the WASRs.
I have not seen a WASR with black furniture that had a U.S.gas piston, It's hard to tell the difference but the Romanian piston is black in the front of it, the rest is chrome, the U.S. is stainless steel, and you will see were they heated up the carrier to remove the Rommy one for 922r compliance.
It's a lot easier and less expensive to just slap on the cheep U.S. made furniture, then do the gas piston swich.

You can get mag floorplates & mag followers , that's what I did.

Once you shoot the rifle it's almost impossible to tell the deference with the black carbon on the piston.
I just went ahead and put the two compliance parts on my mags anyway because I like my stuff leagel. :roll:
I agree on the legal aspect

what mag followers work for you? I've heard the tapco ones are iffy. I like to keep all my firearms legit as the range I go to is very public and I'm not going down for something as silly as a rifle that isn't "compliant" In my opinion it's all silly anyways but thats the rules right.
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