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Comparison of Soviet and current Bulgarian/U.S. KVAR plum?

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Do you guys have any side by side pics that show the differences between Soviet plum from the late 80s and the current Bulgarian/U.S. KVAR plum? I am hot to build up a plum AKS-74 and I am curious if there is much difference between the two. Is it worth it to try to find original Soviet plum? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
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What I've notice dis mainly a very slight difference in texture and the US plum appears lighter, more "plumbier" than the Russian whicjh seems deeper/darker...

This could have just been the sets I had, don't know if it's typical of all..
The "Bulgarian" plum that is being sold by a vendor here is Russian.

The U.S. sets as posted above do seem a little lighter to me. And
a more even texture. The Russian has some pink artifacts in it (bits)
and some flaws that are just cosmetic. You have to look hard to see them
and I dont think they affect anything. Fortunatly the Russian isnt hard to
get right now. Or, the set I received wasnt hard to get I should say.

I dont have any pics of side by side.
Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like maybe the Bulgy is a little nicer, huh?
Nicer would be subjective to personal preference.

US HGs on left, Russian HGs in the middle

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