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* WITHDRAWN * COLT LE6920 with Extra's


This is a real nice COLT LE6920 that has Magpul furniture
Rifle functions flawlessly, I ran approx 120 rds downrange with
excellent results and not problems whatsoever. It just dosnt fit
into my collection anymore, as i have resided to stay with the AK platform

Note: (Ammo & Magazine Case NOT included), rifle is also cross posted)

Rifle will come the following:

* Mag-Pul furniture

* Flip-Up rear BUIS Rear Sight

* 12 magazines,

* Single Point Sling

* BCM Gunfighter custom charging handle.

* Bushnell AR Scope and

* Scope Rings and

* Scope Mount

* Scope Covers

Trade Value: $900

Only Interest in trades at this time.

Some Trade Interests:

M1 Carbine (military)
Bolt action 5.56/.223 rifle
Ruger Old Army Black Powder Revolver in stainless
High-End AK's
MAK 90's
Ruger Gunsite Scout ( 5.56 cal )
Ruger guide gun (30.06)
M1 Garands
Danish Madsen M47
Bolt action 7.62x39 or .308

Open to other possible trades,

Trades should be close to equal value

Thanks for viewing....



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