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Cleaning Rod

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Everything on newly purchased Yugo RPK was there except for the cleaning rod, where can I find the longer style rod?
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member hotbarrel at gunco will make you one.
i bought one for my yugo rpk build at kvar, it was for a rpk 74, the rod was a little long for the yugo. so trimmed it then slaped a few threads on it.....now its good to go,
I used a SKS rod in mine. It was a little short, but you can't tell when it's in it's hole. It was for display only, I had other rods for actual cleaning.
Thanks guys its on the list of things to do with the RPK along with a decent heavy duty sling with shoulder pad. I think I'm going to take this baby apart far enough to fix a crappy looking rivet and redo the finish on the receiver and barrel trunnion, and about that point I'm gonna be looking for some new wood and....you know how it is.
if you are intrested, whenever you are ready feel free to pm me I will make one for you I still have plenty of material.
Hotbarrel does excellent work....And somebody sent him a real Yugo cleaning rod to use as the model.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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