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Hello Forum,

I'm new here, but have a good reputation on Ebay (over 15,000 sales in two names - most recent is FrogsBiteHard). I'm a three time Infantry, USSF and MP vet and collector. I'm also known for my award winning book - Tiger Patterns - on Vietnam Tiger Stripe fatigues. Getting ready move overseas again by December and have a few choice items to dispose of.

tula-a.jpg tula-b.jpg tula-c.jpg tula-d.jpg

First are some very clean Izhmash mags - have about 20 of them that are excess (yes, I am a mag and ammo whore, so these are only my excess!!!). All are in this shape! Have also Hungarian carriers for them - the ugly tan/brown colores ones with the leather straps.

Need $40.00 each on them.

Also will post for my rare OD - 2009 - 5.45 x 39 Double Circle 10 Green, 30 round magazine and some Mint Russian Slab Side Magazines - in cosmoline!

Also have some USGI tan follower 5.56 mags in the wrappers - brownells - is there an AR parts side here in the forums????

I can be reached instantly at my: [email protected]

And prefer US Postal Money Orders - No PayPal on gun parts. I can mail them at about $5.00 each, then as many can fit into the priority mailers on greater quantities.

If there is feedback on this site after a satisfied transaction - I'd appreciate that to build reputation.

Kindest regards,

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