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Chrome Barrel Question

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I have read that in addition to resisting the corrosive properties of corrosive primers/ammo, chrome line barrels also have a longer life.

My question is if one does not use corrosive ammo, and cleans his gun regularly what is the functional life of a non-chrome barrel? How many rounds would one get out of a Yugo non-chromed, versus a chrome lined barrel (say a Yugo AK versus a Bulgarian for example)?

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Dude, you already posted this question in the Yugo forum, There is no definate answer to your question, so start shooting the shit out of your Yugo and keep track of your round count, then you can let us know. The barrel will probably last longer than you so dont sweat it. :wink:
Depending on the quality of the chroming of the barrel, and depending on the heat treatment of the barrel and depending on the quality of the steel, and depending on the hardness of the ammo, depending on the velocity of the ammo, depending on the pressure of the charge, and depending on how corrosive your non-corrosive ammo is.

Your barrel will last 1.2 rounds to 1.2billion rounds. Hope this helps.
Your never going to shoot it enough to see a measurable difference.
Don't worry about it. If you can afford enough ammo to shoot out a non-chromed lined barrel, buying a replacement shouldn't be an issue for you.
I believe chrome is around 20% harder than steel. Of course as has already been said there is a lot of variables involved. If your are a big fan of F/A type mag dumps then naturally your barrel life will be shorter. Chrome may increase average barrel life by 10K-20k rounds depending on all the other factors. YMMV.
Barrels, in most cases, are not heat treated... hammer forging work hardens them. At least, this is discussing original Yugo barrels.

AK barrels, slow fire, without overheating or overpressure ammo, copper jacketed ammo, proper diameter projectile, hammer forged chrome lined barrel... from 10,000 to 25,000 rounds. I've seen a MAK-90 with 10,000 rounds through it that looked nearly new, and a SAR-1 with 30,000 rounds through it that was starting to keyhole at 100 yards. The MAK barrel is slightly thicker than the SAR barrel, but both will have a barrel life in that ball park.

It is all relative. Bump firing wears barrels a lot faster. Hot steel is easier to malform and scratch/erode than cool steel. Oversize bullets increase friction and chamber pressure, they will wear out your barrel faster. Less "slick" jackets (either poorly applied and uneven, or made of a harder metal) will wear out your barrel faster. Barrels in cold regions of the world will last longer than those near the equator, because barrels take longer to heat up and the ammunition tends to run at lower pressures due to the fact the powder doesn't become destabilized in the heat.

Again... relative.
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