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For all those who have been looking to see this film based on the the 1995 Battle for Grozny(Chechen Conflict), it is complete in it's entirety on YouTube!

Every piece of Soviet hardware from AK-74s thru ASG-17 Auto Grenade Launchers is represented in the film.

Although there are no English subtitles, it's still a film easily followed and not to be missed:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

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Damn,...............................what a nightmare.

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OK….I give that a C-, but with some help my rating may be higher. Can someone help explain the following:

Near the beginning, what was the thick liquid (looked like V8) in large glass jugs that the Russian soldier was smashing aimlessly on the table? What was the significance of that scene?

Who’s bodies were the Russian tank grinding into the mud – Chech or Russians? If Russians – why? If Chech, why were the Russians so upset at this?

What did the Russian tank commander and the chech rebel discuss and what were the “200” marked white papers?

Why did the rebels who had the disabled tank surrounded with anti-tank weapons wait so long to destroy the tank? In waiting, the tank fired what seemed like a dozen rounds into the command post of the chech rebels and tore them up.

Why did the tank crap out in the first place – buzzer and poorly added red blinking light signaled what?

Who were the black, jive talking mercs???

What was up with the woman voice over at times – what was discussed or what comment was added?

Where was all the rocket and artillery fire coming from? More shit was aimlessly blown up in the film than I could count. Why did it suddenly stop when the command post was taken??? It would imply that those 30 rebels were lobbing hundreds of tons of artillery. Were they?

Why did Russian tanks spend so much time just driving by, running over stuff, and blowing up old vehicles???

What was the order of battle – who had who surrounded, or what lines were being overrun? The Russians just magically descended on the rebel command post at the end, when I could swear they spent 90% of the film surrounded and cutoff. Did I miss something here?

What was the gist of the radio parley between the Ruski commander and the rebel commander. I figured it was who could be most cruel???

Sorry to be so critical, but I drive my normal friends nuts at the movies cause I’m very picky about what makes a good film.

Any help is appreciated.

As a weapons ref, its great…now I want an RPK 74!!!!

FZ out!

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I would like to know the answers to those questions also... especially about the tank destroying the bodies.
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