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Romanian wire side folder, Tapco stock and CSS billet trigger guard

All of these items are plus shipping. First "I'll take it" followed by a PM gets it. These will be cross posted, so time stamps apply. Discrete Paypal gift is my preferred method of payment.

Sold #1 Chinese 30 rd mag marked "30 RD MAGAZINE/ MADE IN CHINA/ CJA SFLD MI" on base plate. It has 3 witness holes like the Poly's have but with a blue follower. A few handling marks from storage, but look to be new. $50

Sold #2 Chinese 40 rd mag. Used but in nice shape. Marked Made in China on base plate. $30

Sold #3 Chinese 40 rd mag. New but with a few handling marks. Marked made in Chia on floor plate. $40

#4 removed

#5 CSS billet trigger guard for Saiga conversion. Lost 1 screw but replaced it with a silver one. $30

#6 Tapco vertical grip $10

SPF #7 Saiga gas tube $20 SPF

#8 $10

#9 $10

SOLD #10 Romanian side folder $75 SOLD

#11 Tapco bit stock $20

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