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1 One-Quart Ziploc Bag
1 Chemical Foot Warmer
1 Plastic Hooded Poncho
1 Space Blanket
1 LED flashlight
1 Cyalume Stick
1 Straw
1 Combo Tool that is a Whistle/Compass/Thermometer/Magnifying Glass
1 First Aid Kit (2 wipes, 2 small band-aids, 2 medium band-aids, 2 larger band-aids)
2 Alcohol Prep Pads
1 Ration of Toilet Paper
2 Safety Pins
2 Sticks of Chewing Gum
1 Piece of Hard Candy
2 Six-inch Strips of Duct Tape
1 Six-foot Length of Fluorescent Pink Twine
1 Dollar Bill
Phone Card and/or film cannister filled with quarters
1 Photo ID with emergency phone numbers and family photo on reverse
1 Pencil Box 8? long, 4? wide, 2? deep
2 Rubber Bands

The poncho can be used as a makeshift shelter as well as for its primary use. Using the straw, the Ziploc bag can be inflated and sealed to make a pillow. The Ziploc bag and straw can also be used as a beverage container. Obvious usage: the space blanket, foot warmer (bigger and longer lasting than a hand warmer), cyalume stick, twine, safety pins, money, toilet paper, first aid kit, and duct tape. Since the kits will be in school bags, no fire making equipment or knives are allowed. However, the magnifying glass in the combo tool could conceivably be used to start a fire with increased aid of one of the alcohol prep pads. The alcohol prep pad primary use is to clean skin. The chewing gum and hard candy are ?comfort? items as well as the family photo on the reverse of the ID card. The ID cards have emergency numbers, address, and my toll free number for calling family members. The rubber bands help keep the pencil box shut and can be used for amusement (magic tricks or pencil box guitar). The school backpacks also have a small flashlight on them and there is always a trail mix bar inside. Obviously there are pencils, paper, and books in the bag.

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The above is a list I found that seemed pretty good for the kids.

Here is another geared more towards a school scenario
Student Comfort Kit

Please send the following items your child may need in the event of an earthquake or other emergency. Nothing brings comfort to a child like a snack and something special from home. The bag will be stored in your child's classroom and will be passed out if an emergency occurs.

**Please use a gallon size zipper style plastic bag for storage of your child's kit. Please mark the bag with your child's name and room number.

?2 granola bars
?Fruit roll-up or small package of nuts or raisins
?Single serving, non-perishable, securely sealed food item

Items for Warmth:
?Space blanket (available for about $4 from Wal Mart or K-Mart)
?2 leaf/lawn bags--one to sit or lay on, the other for a "raincoat"

Other possible items:
?Letter of comfort (a letter to your child informing them that they will be taken care of until you get to them)
?Family photo
?Small flashlight or penlight and batteries
?Small Toy
?Bottled water or juice (no glass containers please)

?If your child is on any regular medication, a supply of required medication should be kept up to date in the office.

Please be sure ALL items fit in a gallon size zipper bag.
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