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Have some more Russian Soviet wood furniture sets for your consideration. Cleaned up from the other thread and added some others.

-First "I'll take it", gets it. PM me after you post please!
-CROSS-POSTED so time stamp rules
-I accept discreet PayPal (no gun words! gift or +3%), USPS Money Orders, or Cash
-If you have any questions, please PM me.
-All parts are in E Stroudsburg, PA. If you are local and are interested in a few items, we can meet up.

Type 1 pistol grips:
Need to be purchased with a wood set, or you can buy all the T1 grips together at a discount!
STILL AVAILABLE > All NOS condition with a little bit of storage wear/very light surface rust on the metal parts. : $12 shipped each (4x available) 2x SOLD
STILL AVAILABLE > The bottom set has heavier rust on the metal parts : $10 shipped (1x available)

Got some Russian Mismatched MixMaster wood sets that have been forgotten/abused - wood sets that would be perfect for a project/refinish. Wood sets have caked cosmoline (some with paper stuck to it), rust, stains, mismatched, and various degrees of mild to heavy wear (scratches, dents, chips, etc). All parts are still in usable condition, no cracks or anything like that. These are being sold as PROJECT SETS - for refinish or to throw on your ugly duckling build - hence the price. All sets come with RUSSIAN bakelite pistol grips unless otherwise noted.
Better condition Project MixMaster sets - still has wear and whatnot, but much less wear/damage than standard condition project MM sets. Also less rust/gunk.
P+ C $42 shipped SOLD thisbugger

NOS RPKS Laminate Wood Stock $62 Shipped SOLD
Brand New Old Stock, still covered in comsoline. Just a tiny bit of finish missing on the underside (pictured)

The tiny spots of finish missing as mentioned:

Refinished '74 Set $70 shipped SOLD
Looks like it was refinished at some point as it's pretty smooth and shiny in direct light. Has some wear and a chip by the end that fits in the received (pictured)

NOS AK74 handguard mixmatched set- has some standard storage wear: $22 shipped

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