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I was digging around and didn't find much..

My PAP M92PV pistol has the KAK 'super tube', ACE folding mech, and SB15 brace on it.. comes to just around 30".

I found this case on line for $16.95 and free shipping (YMMV).

VISM CV2910-32.. its 32"l x 10"h on the edges.. holds the pistol and 1 mag just fine.. and has 'pockets' inside which hold my cleaning rod and the strap from the outside that came with the bag. Has 1/2" padding on both sides.

The SB thickness makes the rear edge close tight by totally do-able.. with an AR stock or a thin folding stock left in the open position this should not be an issue..

For range use this should be fine, the zipper seems robust as well.

**If you have a 20 round 'tanker' mag and no optic mounted it should fit that straight in with mag inserted..
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