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bump firing causing malfunction?

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I used to bump fire a lot but with current ammo prices I stoped but I noticed my ak jams quit often now. I'm using the same ammo I always have. I keep the thing clean (that shouldn't be a problem anysways with an AK), and I didn't change anything on the gun other than a G2 trigger.

Did I break something bump firing so much? Everything looks normal.
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Did you bump with the G2 or is the trigger group a bump virgin? What kind of AK and what kind of jam?
The gun is a romanian wasr-1. I did bump a little with the new G2. I had it mostly where it would fail to fire period. Then a couple times the bolt carrier would slam shut on a spent carterage that was being ejected but "caught" by the carrier.
The times it would close and then fail to fire, I would pull the charging handle back to load another round and it would be fine for a while. I would take the dud and reload it to see if it would fire and all the duds would fire without fail.
"The times it would close and then fail to fire" Did you hear the hammer fall when it failed to fire?
oh boy, I don't know, I had ear plugs in. I never thought of that but the next time it happens I'll look to see if it did.
ok today it jammed again but this time it tried loading two rounds in at once. Why is my ak jamming al of a sudden?! What can I do to fix this?
Try different magazines if you have not already done so.
5thShock said:
Try different magazines if you have not already done so.
+1 the magazines can have something like 17 different things go wrong to where they wont function properly.
take dust cover off and test fire with a new mag to see internals in function. plan on throwing tee shirt away.
How safe is it to fire my AK w/o the cover on? If all that will happen is I ruin a tee shirt that's cool, and I assume that means I should be damn sure to wear eye protection. But that sounds like a cool thing to do.
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