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i need to sell this so i can finish my two other AK projects. it is a partially converted 2003, 7.62x39, 16" barrel saiga. by partially converted i mean that i stripped it to do a PG conversion and that is it. i have done nothing in the way of reassembling. the trigger guard is the original saiga basicly just sitting there for the pic.

it comes with the following:
*partially stripped 2003 saiga
*Bulgy AK-104 front sight/ gas block
*retainer/pin/spring for the above
*Bulgy krink flash hider
*Bulgy pistol grip (pictured on rifle)
*US made pistol grip (century)
*Romanian semi fire control group
*US made fire control group (century)
*RSA FCG retainer plate
*saiga stock set/ magazine
*original Saiga hammer

i was planning on refinishing it at the end of the project so i wasn't as gentle on the finish when removing the saiga parts for the PG conversion. this rifle is is new/ never fired. i bought it to convert in Aug 03, and has been sitting in its present condition since about Dec 03. the FSB in NOT pressed on, i just dropped it on for the pic.

Price: $350.00 - Shipped USPS priority mail- funds in USPS money order only

post a?, IM, or Email for more info


ETA: will only ship to FFL, or possible FTF in Minnesota
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