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All sales are now concluded. Shipping notes will be updated until all items have shipped. Thanks you for your purchases!

All parts are all from Bulgarian Milled AK 7.62 kits. Pictures show the actual parts that are available. These are in the typical condition. Some of the parts appear almost new, some show finish wear.

Shipping is not included in price, but is always your choice. All orders must ship with at least Delivery Confirmation. Insurance will be provided if you ask for it.

Many of the smaller, flatter parts can be shipped in a first class padded envelope if they are under 13oz. For my sanity and for simplicity, any order shipped in a first class padded envelope will be a flat $4.00 since the rate changes per ounce and location. Heavier items must go Priority Mail. I have both flat-rate and regular Priority boxes. Sometimes regular is cheaper. I will pack your order for the cheapest possible shipping and advise you of shipping charges. Priority rates will be actual and rounded to the nearest dollar, either up or down, just to keep it simple. I will honor any special shipping requests. Parts are as-is. I am not responsible for undelivered, lost, misdirected, or damaged items. If this worries you, pay for insurance.

I prefer USPS Money Orders, but I can do discrete Paypal +4% if it is more convenient for you.

A simple I’ll take it post followed by a PM is all you need to do. Time stamp rules the day. Please include your zipcode in the PM. Please PM with any questions or conditional purchases. I would really like to keep the thread nothing but “ill take it’s” just to make it readable and uncluttered.

Shipping Notes:
Shipping Wed 6/9 - mr1usnr, trueno. Thanks dudes!
Shipping Sat 6/12 - TheRealSundance. Mucho Thanks!
Shipping Mon 6/14 - TheRealSundance, Andyman, CRIDEMM24,
Shipping Wed 6/16 - jonpo. Many thanks!
Shipping Mon 6/21 - pupwag, Doc Diel. Thanks guys!

Items in white are available, items in red are SPF.

Furniture Sets. (4pc, Includes grip, buttstock, bakelite upper/lower HG’s. Similar to K-Var AK-009B or 010B)
(B) Complete Furniture Set. $30....Withdrawn, no longer available.

Buttstock Only. (Milled/Synthetic. Similar to K-Var AK-009B or 010B)
(A) Synthetic Buttstock for milled receiver. $7....Withdrawn, no longer available.

Gas Tubes (both vented):
(B) Gas Tube/Cyrillic # $10....SPF howiebearse

Rear Sight Bases: (Complete with GT lever, leaf, and spring.)
(A) RSB. $10....SPF howiebearse
(B) RSB. $10....SPF howiebearse

Top Covers:
(B) Top Cover. Ribbed. $7....SPF howiebearse

(A) Selector. $7....SPF howiebearse
(B) Selector. $7....SPF howiebearse

Bullet Guide:
(A) Bullet Guide. $5....SPF howiebearse
(B) Bullet Guide. $5....SPF howiebearse

FCG Parts Set: (FCG, axis pins, springs, slant brake.)
(A) FCG Set. $10....Withdrawn, no longer available.
(B) FCG Set. $10....SPF 10er

Barrel Block Pins: (Includes all 6 Pins.)
(A) Pin Set. $5....SPF howiebearse

Buttstock Tang:
(B) Buttstock Tang. $7....SPF howiebearse

40rd Polymer Mag:
(A) 40rd Mag. New. $10....SPF 10er
(B) 40rd Mag. New. $10....SPF 10er

30rd Polymer Mag:
(A) 30rd Mag. New. $7....SPF 10er
(B) 30rd Mag. New. $7....SPF 10er


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Re: Full Stock Milled Bulgarian Ak-47 Parts. Cyrillic Number

Milled Receiver Cover Plate:
(A) Cover Plate. $5
(B) Cover Plate. $5

Rear Swivel:
(A) Rear Swivel. $5
(B) Rear Swivel. $5

I'll take these.


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Re: Full Stock Milled Bulgarian Ak-47 Parts. Cyrillic Number

I'll take these:
Morning Wood said:
(A) Gas Tube/Cyrillic # $12

Bolt/Bolt Carriers: (good bolts)
(B) Complete B/BC set. Matching/Unpainted/Cyrillic #. $50

GripScrew & Nut:
(A) Grip screw, Milled Nut. $10
(B) Grip screw, Milled Nut. $10

Cleaning Rods:
(B) Cleaning Rod. $10
i'll take the smooth topcover too....

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Re: Full Stock Milled Bulgarian Ak-47 Parts. Cyrillic Number

I'll take these

Front Sight Bases: (Complete with sight pin, slider and MB detent assy.)
FSB. $19

Which ever has the best finish, please.

Recoil Spring Assy, Tube Type:
(A) Recoil Spring/Cyrillic #. $12
(B) Recoil Spring/Cyrillic #. $12

Handguard Retainer:
(A) HG Retainer. $5
(B) HG Retainer. $5

Buttstock Screws: (2 per set)
(A) Buttstock Screw Set. $5
(B) Buttstock Screw Set. $5

PM sent as requested.
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