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I decided to refinish my hand-guards on my Bulgy 74U I had some 107U poly set on it. i picked up a checkered PG on the forum and due to the heat in N.DFW I decided to do it in my kitchen.

I used Red Mahogany (MINWAX) I have refinishing wood.
I stripped the 3 piece set the soaked for 15 min in a hot water & bleach. Then washed with soap and hot water let them dry for 24 hrs.
Then I hit it light with 400 grit sand paper washed again the dried.
Then hit with 0000 Steel Wool.
2 coats of stain dried 48 hrs
Buffed with 0000 steel wool

That's a sanitized Plum Mag from AIM i got in a trade and t looks very nice in better light.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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