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1. new mpi-69 recoil spring for .22lr gun, probally work just as fine on other .22lr ak47 variants. $20 shipped

2.***SOLD PF (daddy-o) Bulgarian 75 backload drum new in wrap. $100 shipped.

3. ***SOLD PF (heft) Bulgarian milled checkered pistol grip medium brown used good condition. $25 shipped

4. Bulgarian milled blonde buttstock NO trapdoor good condition light dents and scratches from use no finish damage, extra hole drilled when on my SA-93. $25 shipped.

Please post here in thread first I will take it and in my e-mail [email protected] payment postal money order only. not looking for trades really but I would take type III ak47 gas block and new set of bulgarian bakelite/synthetic stock red or brown.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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