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Bulgarian AKS-74 kit w/ original barrel.

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I've got a Bulgarian aks-74 kit with original barrel and a russian triangle sidefolding stock. It's been a long time since I bought this but KVAR has kits without barrels listed at $599. I'd say the kit is good to Very good condition, bore is great.
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If it has a 1-rivet bullet guide, value's around $750-$800. Add $50-$75 if it has the two-rivet bullet guide. Subtract $50 if the parts have been acid-dipped, leaving sort of a blued finish with no paint. These values are approximate.
I've bought 2 recently with the original stocks, paid $725 for one, $700 for the other.

What makes the 2 rivet bullet guide one worth more?
What makes the 2 rivet bullet guide one worth more?
Rifles with the dual rivet bullet guides were built with Soviet Tula-supplied receiver and front trunnion assemblies. Not sure whether the rear folding trunnion was Soviet-made or Bulgarian.
My x2 rivet Bulgarian AKS-74 has Tula, front trunnion, selector, trigger guard, and cool proofed triangle folder/rear trunnion... Don't really know for sure about the BCG...

Would post pics of the cool Tula proofs but thanks to Photo-suckit I can only leave a boring written post...
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Thanks to all for the information. Cheers!
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