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Brown Bear compare to Golden Tiger For 7.62x39

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I have shot alittle Wolf hp and fmj, I really like the GT ammo better. thinking of getting some hp, just wondering about the Brown Bear hp, Any suggestions?
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I have not seen Golden Tiger released as a hollow point yet... I may be missing something but I don't think they have yet or if they will at all.

But personally- I prefer BB to GT.
haven't seen it either. been shooting GT FMJ,want to get some hp, not real crazy about Wolf,or Barnaul, saw Brown Bear had it, just want to know if anyone has used it. Gt seems like a hotter load,Brown Bear simular
depends on which ammo your talking about, bear is just the trade name for the box, its usually between barnual and ulyanovosk though. Aims current batch of .223 bear ammo is barnual produced. i have come across a bunch of uly in bear boxes in x39 though.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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