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Bought me a Romy build...need some help

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I found this on GB last week and had to have it. I should be receiving it this Tuesday.

Right now I'm trying to track down (not sure what it's called) a cheek pad? that goes on one side of the stock. I've seen them around here and there. I've seen them in green and they look like a sleeve or something. Also, I'm looking for a dropcase.

Can anyone point me a the right direction?
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Congratulations on your new rifle. But I think you might be confusing a homemade, custom remedy that's done to make that cheek-to-stock fit a little more comfortable. Some folks have wrapped parachute cord around the left buttstock rail to take your cheek off the bare metal. Others have come up with their own similar solutions.

Also, keep checking the For Sale section for a dropcase. They're on there every once in a while.
is that a romy g front end with a polish uf assembly?and chinese wood?i have a romy g kit coming in and can't decide if i want to do a kyber pass or add a polski uf assembly.
Yep, its on an Ohio receiver. I'm having a new hg set custom made. So this blonde wood will prolly sit in the closet for a while. The custom hg will be shaped like a krink set :twisted: . Also swappig out the slant break to just a nut.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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