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Blue Anodize from Gunkote

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Build this a couple years ago for my youngest daughter . She wanted a gold AK and thats what she got . 15 now and was ready for a change . She picked Anodize Blue Gunkote for the base with gloss black for the off-et . The blue was a pain in the ass . It went on noticably drier the the 2401 I normally use , I had to double the material load out of the gun to get a good , even, wet coat . Used twice the amount of paint I would have thought , then still had to go back over it with some clear Gunkote to get it shined up like I wanted . I think the biggest problem was the ambient , it was holding around 115 F in the shop all weekend while I was painting . It helps with the 2401 , but I'd say 85 -90 would have been ideal for this stuff . For all that , It came out clean , a nice rich color . To get the 2401 to gloss up , I sprayed on very wet and put the parts straight into the cook room @200 f , let that set for 3 hours then uppped it to 300f for 5 hours .

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now THAT is a gorgeous rifle!
10Gauge said:
now THAT is a gorgeous rifle!
Thanks Brett . That blue is a georgous color , not sure if it's what i'd want on my rifle but the kiddo sure liked it . it's rumored that i tend to indulge my girls......
Red Jacket said:
..... it's rumored that i tend to indulge my girls......


:walkdoor: :peep:
Nifty! :thumbsup:
JinxxxOnU said:
Nifty! :thumbsup:
Thanks man , kid seemed to like it , but now she wants a blk polymer stock set on it instead of the wood.........
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