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I just bought a D-Technik VZ-58 to make into an SBR, similar to this one:

I know this thing is going to kick pretty hard with an approximately 11.75" bbl. VZs run 14mmx1 RH threads....most 7.62x39 AKs run 14mmx1 LH threads. Since I'm cutting it down and rethreading....I'm assuming I can make it either RH or LH thread.

Below are a few VZ compensators I'm looking at:

The compensator I have on my Century VZ-2008 with the 16" bbl is from CNCwarrior and looks like this:

It works very well on a 16" bbl...but I'm not sure that it will reduce recoil enough on a ~12" bbl SBR in 7.62x39. The price is right....I just don't know how well it will work. Anyone have any experience with it on an SBR?

The next one seems like it will work the best in terms of reducing recoil....3 baffles. I'm not overly concerned about blast/noise....I'm really only interested in not going longer than 2.5" overall and reducing the recoil.

Another option is a Noveske Krink type clone for the VZ threads:

This one seems like all it would do is re-direct blast....and I think it's like 3.25" long anyway.

This one just doesn't look all that effective for recoil reduction:

AK specific (14x1 LH) Primary Weapons FSC47:


PWS CQB 30 cal (though this one is longer than I wanted and a bigger diameter kinda like the Krink):***EDIT*** Won't work anyway....thread pitch is 5/8" so it's too large for the diameter of the VZ bbl. I *could* possibly buy the 5.56 version and open up the holes.***

An AMD type:

.223 Type from JP Rifles (9/16-28 thread pitch and I'd have to open the baffles up for 7.62):

Any other really good compensators I should be looking at?


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I think I might have found one that is short and *might* work....

It's only 1.25" long but I'll have to have the bbl threaded 9/16 (not sure on TPI).

Top view:

Here's what it says from the site:

Holland's Muzzle Brakes
Call us for more info at 541.439.5155.

Introducing .... Holland's Radial Baffle Quick Discharge™ Muzzle Brakes!!

Holland's Radial Baffle Quick Discharge™ Muzzle Brakes offer improved recoil reduction due to the unique radial baffle design. Radial baffles trap the gas and divert it around the shooter in a rearward direction, increasing the recoil reduction over a 90 degree exhaust pattern. Radial baffles increase the surface area for the gas to work against, providing exceptional performance. Our blank area on the bottom of the brake virtually eliminates the dust cloud signature and prevents dirt and debris from being kicked around the shooter. Imagine being miles from the truck and getting something in your eye from a 360 degree ported brake! Holland brakes are better by design; as a long range hunter and shooter I know what it takes to get the job done right!

There is some great video footage on http://www.longrangehunting.com of our radial baffle brake being fired on a XP-100 chambered in 7mm DAKOTA. It's great footage showing the performance of our radial design.

All brakes are machined from 17-4 stainless steel and heat-treated for maximum durability. Thread sizes are 5/8x28 and 3/4x28. Smaller sizes will be available in the near future.

Our Triple Baffle Quick Discharge™ muzzle brakes set the standard by which others are judged! Our brakes allow you to enjoy the graphics of each shot and the blank area on the bottom eliminates the problem of dust and dirt getting back to you while you're shooting. We offer several styles of specialized muzzle brakes to the shooting industry. Our models include the Holland Quick Discharge™ and are constructed from stainless steel and blued chrome-moly.

# Eliminates muzzle rise
# Adds 1¼" to barrel length
# Unique triple baffle design
# Reduced muzzle blast
# Measured reduction of 45%
# Easier cleaning

We use only the best heat-treated materials and CNC (computer numerically controlled) machinery in the manufacture of our unique brakes! Adds 1.250" to the rifle's length.

The large ports allow for easier cleaning in the field, a must for varmint shooters. Our prices for these specialized brakes are so low, you couldn't begin to make them for yourself for the same money!!

All of our brakes feature a blank area on the bottom of the brake to minimize muzzle rise and to keep dust and debris from blowing up around the shooter!


Now, what I dont' know is if this will only really work on a hunting rifle, not an SBR.

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