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Beryl Handguard Heatshield Woes

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I have a set of beryl handguards for use on a tantal kit. I did not receive a heatshield when I purchased them. Anyone have a source for them? Like the tantal heatshield, it has a spring to keep tension on the barrel and retainer. The tantal heatshield looks like it won't work. A bulgarian ak74 heatshield will fit, but lacks the spring. Suggestions?

edit: Updated with pic. Original tantal spring on left. The type I need on the right.

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PM member Shifty
Tantal might be able to find one. The wz88 ploymere hand guard shields are one of the hardest parts to find. Shifty's add for polymere tantals shows the bakelite shield and not the polymere shield, maybe he could dig one up though too. I was luckey to get one and have not seen anyone else that had one. Keep looking and let every one know if you can find one so they can do their builds correctly.
Thanks for the replies. I pmed Shifty and he said he doesn't have any and they are really hard to get. I will try emailing tantal. I think I might be able to get by for now by using a Bulgy heatshield and somehow attaching the spring that pushes against the retainer directly to the handguard.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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