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belly band for cc

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does anyone have this? would this be good for a glock 23? thanks!

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uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh..........Oh yeah...the question. I was too cheap to buy one so I made my own. I have some back problems and had an old craftsman back brace I wasn't using. So I cut the shoulder straps off it and removed some of the plastic inserts so it wasn't so rigid(the ones I left alone are directly behind the pistol to ensure it doesn't bend behind the trigger or something). I turned it upside down(for some reason it fit my body better this way), added fabric store diy chrome snaps in two areas to keep the elastic tight and keep the pistol from falling through(those snaps are reinforced with superglue inside and out and do not function as snaps anymore, more like a rivet now). It has double velcro closures on the ends and the wide elastic band streches over everything and secures with velcro too. Very secure and will also hold many extra mags if needed, sometimes I even tuck my wallet and keys in it if I don't have pockets. It allows me to carry while in shorts or pants that my belt and holsters won't work on and is very stealth, no printing when bending or reaching etc. Works great for roadtrips too because it's right there in the front and the seatbelt isn't in the way of it. Works with revolvers and auto pistols big and small, they have never moved from where I put them. BTW, I'd carry anything but a glock in a bellyband, I like my groin area too much. :eek:

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Damn,......................that looks like it would burn you up on a hot day!
Johno, the material breathes very well and nothing condensates on the guns. I hate the heat as much as anyone from the north living in the south, but it doesn't bother me as much as wearing jeans and a belt when it's 100+ degrees outside. Besides there's nowhere else I can carry without pockets or a belt, and I'm not doing the man-purse/fannypack thing :lol:
I'm not doing the man-purse/fannypack thing
+5 points to your "man score" for that one.
I need that just to hold my gut in :neutral:
When it gets hot I become a Pocket man myself...

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I bought a belly band a couple of years ago an hate it. It's too freaking hot. My wife actually uses it and doesn't mind it but then again she only carries her piece occassionally. I have mine on me ANY time I'm not at home. Personally I use a Comp-Tac IWB w/ a G27 and it's really comfortable and conceals with just a t-shirt....
belly band

Purchased first belly band 25 years ago from JayPee leather in NYC. Needed something to hide a pistol with. Carried my Colt Dick Special that way for many years. Can use it with a tucked in shirt but slows the draw. Was in close quarters with people who never knew the Colt was there.Used it also with a Colt hammerless.32 used as a second pistol and have tried it with KelTec P3AT. Works better with pistol w/ slightly longer grip than P3AT. It is a good way to carry a piece in loose or casual clothes. They are hot. Properly worn,never had any trouble with weapon retention.
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