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Been to any airshows THIS year?

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Just got back from the Dayton air show, it sucked. I guess Ive been spoiled in the past, used to live in chicago and would go up to Oshkosh all the time, great memories. Have an aunt the works in the Aerospace industry, went to the Dayton Centennial and had chalet seats, that was awesome, Thunderbirds made the Blue Angels look silly. Got to go to the Gathering of Mustangs and Legends last year, saw the F-22 for the first time, shit my pants. This year was a huge disappointment to say the least. Neither the Blue angels or the Thunderbirds were there, but I knew that going in, thats not what bothered me. I was there to see the Starfighters, probably my favorite plane of all time, the F-104. Yeah, they did like 4 passes, didnt even do a climb demo. Raptor's program was about a third of the one I saw last year at GML. The commentator kept saying that "this is just a taste at what it can do, but" blah blah classified my ass, I saw it last year. It blew my mind, this year it just blew. This thing will do loops and turn in your living room, you dont really get a sense of what can do on tv, you have no frame of reference, until you see it in person. Naval heritage flight, two planes, a Corsair and a Hornet. I dont even know if you could call that a formation. What ever, show sucked, I blame fuel costs, guess I'll have to go shoot tomorrow to ease the pain. Sorry for my bitching :mad:
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No Local airshows this year, Oshkosh Air Show is coming up tho
we sent a P-3 Orion up to the Daytona Air show this weekend!
My father restores aircraft at Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston, TX. They will be taking the B-17 and B-25 to Oshkosh, Detroit and Omaha within the next few weeks. If you get a chance to attend, they have recently added 7 or 8 jump seats to the planes to take passengers up several times a day during the shows.

Unfortunatly I havent been to any airshows this year,had many unfotunate events in the last 2 months. But I heard they were giving rides in that Starfighter! Now thats a ride u will never forget! C-172 would no longer cut it! :lol:
no rides in the starfighters. the narrator said that they burn 10 gallons/sec with full afterburners :shock:
Yeah I went to an airshow that had both the blue angels and the thunderbirds earlier this year but aside from those 2 things they had almost nothing else. Years past they had a nice selection of new and old planes and this year all they had were typical WW2 planes, especially the trainers.
Looking forward to attending the Indianapolis Air Show in August. Last year was my first time back after a 10-year absence, and it was excellent. Even though the schedule was a bit heavy with civilian acts, those acts were very good and not totally repetitive (how many Pitts biplanes doing Cuban-Eights do we need to see?). On the military side of the house, the Sky Soldiers and Blue Angels didn't disappoint, and the WWII flights featured some fairly rare and well-preserved birds.

This year, the F-22 is headlining, but the rest of the schedule looks kinda sparse (or the website hasn't been updated). I'm crossing my fingers...
There is only one air show.....

and that is........
Air Racing

It makes all other air shows seem like kid's shows..

49 days and counting
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ALLRIGHHHHHT! I have always wanted to go to a AirRace! My dad used to go to a lot of them when he was younger.
Airplanes are my 1st passion ,then aks :grin:
Well if you can make the trek down to Reno I HIGHLY reccomend it..
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