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Bayo configurations?

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I have tried finding this info, but maybe I just get caught up in the pics and forget why I was looking...
I have a Polytech UF with UF bayo. Did the Norincos also have UF bayos or were they only on Polys? When did conventionally mounted bayos get used?
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None ever existed, it's a figment of your imagination......send me that Polytech UF/UF immediately for safe keeping, we don't want it to get loose!!! :twisted: :roflmao: :twisted: :wave:

(I'll pay the shipping!!) :mrgreen:
to my limited knowledge, there were no semi-auto norinco spikers. however im sure norinco makes FA spikers, the chinese love their spikes.
You'll be first on my list if I need the room for more builds. :lol:

So then, all the preban Chinese spikers posted are Polys?

And a preban Norinco(specifically a fullstock) would use some sort of conventional bayo?
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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