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bad welding job

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I had a guy weld the flash hider/extension to my vz-58 barrel and he welded over the USA markings on the thing. I tried to file some of the weld away to see if it would show again. No luck. Can I still count it as one of my parts or do I have to get something else like magazine floorplates or followers to get the correct parts count?
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You're good, US parts are not required to be stamped.
How do you prove that they are US made then?
Chances are you will never be asked. Plus Theoretically in this country we're all innocent until proven guilty. A receipt also works well. Also there are not too many foreign devices even available for these.
Burden of proof lies in the accuser.

Why not just silver solder it on and be done with it? That method is considered "permanent" and is much cleaner than welding.
"weld the flash hider/extension to my vz-58 barrel"

I'm still not sure that the hider/extension HAS to be US. If it's welded to the point that it meets the BATF "permanant part of the barrel" criteria?
the list czusa has published about the tgi rifles states imported parts as
1 receiver
2 barrel
3 bolt
4 bolt carrier
5 gas piston
6 pistol grip
7 buttstock
8 handguards
9 magazine body
10 muzzle extension
The answer to your question is yes. Even though it is permanently attached, the BATFETB considers it a barrel attachment as evidenced in the following clarification I received for a submission.

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Thanks rbthntr64 - that actually answers a long standing question I've had. Sometimes, even though a barrel extension is welded, one WANTS it to contribute to the 922R parts count.
no one ever wants anything to contribute to 922r parts its not the number of u.s. parts that matter its the number of imported parts.
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