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this dates back to 2011, had to take it down for a few reasons..

also.. :mad:sorry I lost the second part where were were shooting 600 meters..

I am very new to the scope world, and do not possess a vast majority of
past experience with magnified optics, thus i decided to go the Russian route to
get accommodated and better familiarized with these pieces of glass.

I got me a PO 3.5x21 (Prizel Opticheskiy) Optical scope 3.5x21 few weeks
ago via one of their exporter's from Russia. Thanks TX-Zen for the hook up!!

the scope came in a very nice European man purse with
appropriate camo pattern, manual, (1) CRV-123 Lithium battery, a cheat card for
proper field use, and a nice anterior lense cover.

the cheater card is great, and works fantastic in the field if you were to
forget the trajectories and bullet drops.

optical factory in Minsk produces a few different versions of this same scope,
calibrated for different AK variations. To my knowledge they include recticle
for RPK-74, AKM and AK-74. I have heard people mention existence of another
variants, which are calibrated for other calibers, but have yet to see
PO 3.5x21 attaches to standard AK side rail via a clamp that can holds
zero and is extremely easy to take on or off. In case you bust optic in the
field, all you have to do is quickly remove and finish your job using good old
irons. No screwdrivers, allen wrenches or uber-complicated mounts. Once again-
simple, and what works in the practical world

The scope was nitrogen filled at the factory, and can be operated at
temperatures varying between -50C to +50C degree Celsius. The magnification
factor is 3.5x and lense diameter is 21mm. The field of view is HUGE. By far the
biggest field of view I have ever seen. It leaves the PSO-1 in the dust. This
is extremely useful while engaging multiple MOVING targets both in CQB and at
formidable distance. The scope features both elevation and windage adjustments
that can be moved by a coin or a flat-head screwdriver....or a fishpaw
(uber-strong guerilla hands) with increments of 1 centimeter @ 100 meters
(approximately 1/2 minute clicks for out western readers).

recticle for the scope is really well-thought. It features a BDC for 16 inch
barrel AK-74 that can be used during the day with no batteries and at dusk/night
using illuminated recticle. Basically, imagine the PSO-1 for the SVD, and now
apply same idea for the 5.45x39 and the proper barrel length. BDC is calibrated
for the trajectory of 7N6 (now 7N10) and works like a charm
Sorry for the
picture challenged taker (need to improve by skills there), but here are the
examples of what a humanoid silhouette looks like @ 100 meters, both illuminated
and clear.

you can clearly see the wide field of view compared to other high-end
optics like Leupold or Aimpoint.

the reticle is split up into 3 areas
1)center is calibrated for the BDC
of 7N6 and zeroed @ 100 meters. The center cross-hair corresponds to actual
bullet impact @ 400 meters.
the very small top plus with 3 hash lines through
it is very clever. Once the scope is properly calibrated and zeroed, it can be a
great asset in a pinch or for making that 800 yard shot.
Keep in mind, this
is not a tactical bench rest scope to hit a mosquito's left nut @ 1000 yards,
but rather a tool to hit a man sized target from 25 to 1000 yards.
- if you
aim center of mass and align your center cross hairs there, you will get
head shots @ 100 meters. The same procedure @ 200 meters will get you mouth/chin
hits, while @ 300 meters will get you neck shots. @ 400 meters you will be
center of mass.

right above the center cross hair, you will see the triple plus sign with 3
horizontal dashes. This is for more accurate shots for distances between 100 and
300 meters, with each hash line determining it.
2) the bottom left and right
feature a standard Russian range finder that works similar to any PSO-1 type of
scopes. You align your man-size target with the dropping horizontal and now you
know the distance to it. Simple. And it works well

Of course all this is well and great, but what about the actual field use
with harsh conditions?
lucky for me, today as soon as I got to my range we
have a freaking windstorm with heavy downpour. Perfect opportunity to check the
robust structure of the new optic.

the zeroing was complete i wanted to see how well the scope holds zero after it
has been removed from the rifle. I decided to take a 5 shot group and see the

a close look at the target. my POA is the black half inch dot, and the POI is 22
cm above it (@100 meters, head shots as mentioned below)

5-shot groups yielded in 1.47 inch group (see the 223 case for

Ammunition used is always 7N6 @ approximate 39F

wind was damn strong, that explains the 4 mm shift to the right.

i then decided to employ the scope for a very practical application and see
ow well it holds up in the rain and @ 340 meters (about 370 yards) on a humanoid
target. I wanted to see the POI shift at greater distance and rapid
Unsupported, prone and shooting off elbows i decided to empty the rest
of the magazine into the target.

of about 20 shots 18 made is center of mass. Scope held zero and had no problem
being soaked in the Pennsylvania rain.

so what's the down-side?
-weight. The optic weighs exactly a kilogram.
But at the same time the light weight of the AK-74 along with this optic does
not exactly make unbearable. I had no problem lugging my clunky stamped POS AK
around the field and did not really feel the weight change.
-size. Its not
exaclty small...unlike its brother Kashtan or the PK-AS black/red dot. But on
the flip side- look at the field of view. Trading weight and size for the
brilliant field of view

Practical? yes. Very. In my opinion at least. Durable, accurate and easy to

these will be available from one of the importers that I got mine from
within next few weeks. If anyone interested, please feel to contact me with
further info, I paid about 500$ for this scope and hoping to acquire the RPK
model in the future.

Lastly, for those who dont quite feel that this scope is worth the money or
demand co-witnessing, please stick with western optics as they are so much more
superior in both quality control, maintenance and reliability :beer:
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