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I started this thread as a troubleshooting guide for all variations of the AK. This will be an on going project and will be updated almost daily. The type in BOLD and UNDERLINED represent the problem. The plain type with the * represent the posible cause(s). The type in ITALICS represent a posible fix. When more than one fix is available, they are numbered in order of "correct" means of fix first, then other possiblities.

If there is something I missed or you want to see here, by all means, IM or email me and I'll get it posted. If you have a solution to a problem I don't have listed, contact me. Between all of us, we should be able to get a very good guide going. Thanks,


Bolt not picking up round from magazine:

  • *Selector stop too thick
    Remove and take about .025" off trigger gaurd side of selector stop

    *Barrel trunuion mounted too far forward in receiver, mag will move front to back freely
    1)Remove, weld up hole, drill in correct spot, rerivet
    2)Add a bit of weld on "mag shelf" of the trunion, grind to fit

    *Rails are mounted too high
    Remove and replace in correct spot

Bolt not rotating in trunion to lock position:

  • *Severly tight headspace
    Reheadspace with go/no go gauges

    *Front of bolt dragging on bullet guide rotation angle
    File the front, lower angle on the bolt to gain clearance needed

    *Bottom of bolt hitting bullet guide
    File bottom of bolt to get clearance needed. Be sure to check as you go, take too much and it may not pick up a round from the magazine

Bolt/carrier assembly not fully closing on chambered round:

  • *Small dent or burr on chamber, sometimes happens when barrel not removed properly
    Locate dent/burr and file out with needle file. To locate, insert a bullet by hand untill it gets tight. Then push as hard as you can stand with thumb pressure. Carefully remove bullet and look for mark on case.

    *Dirty/foriegn object in chamber
    Clean/remove object

    *Using wrong ammo
    5.45 and 5.56 ammo are often confused, make sure you have the correct ammo

Carrier only not going forward all the way:

  • *Gas piston sticking/hitting gas block
    Make sure there is a little play in the piston, not tight to the carrier

    *Gas block canted severly
    Straighten gas block

"Short stroking" or bolt/carrier assembly sluggish/stops at rear of receiver:

  • *Space between upper rails to narrow
    File or open up a bit

    *Carrier dragging on hammer
    1)Stone area of hammer that contacts the carrier
    2)Try a different hammer

    *Rear trunion place too far rearward, carrier will usually come out of receiver too
    1)Remove weld up hole, drill in correct spot rerivet trunion
    2)Add a buffer to take up the space

    *Hammer or trigger pin walking out
    Put back in proper position reinstall shepherd crook correctly

    *Insufficient gas flow
    1)Check for carbon build up in gas chamber/gas port
    2)Check for barrel being drilled for gas port
    3)Check for burr/dent in gas chamber
    4)Check for severly worn gas piston

Failure to extract:

  • *Burr or ding in chamber
    File out bad spot

    *Dirty chamber
    Clean chamber

    *Bad extractor spring
    Replace spring

    *Worn extractor
    Replace extractor

Failure to eject:

  • *Short ejector
    1)Lengthen ejector
    2)Replace rail

    *Not getting a full travel of the bolt/carrier group
    See "short stroking" above
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