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Arsenal SAS M-7 Receiver

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I purchased a SAS 7 from a friend and looks perfect except for small marks on the very bottom right hand side of receiver. The marks look like very small cuts in the receiver but marks weren't made from a sharp object. The indentations are mostly round. The marks are hard to describe but my friend said the marks were on the rifle when he purchased it new. I have three other milled Arsenals and none have these marks. Has anyone else experienced this type of flaw in the receiver. Sorry for the long description and question.
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Pics? :smile:
SAS 7 Receiver

I have no way of posting pics. The marks I am refering too is just below where the UF stock is attached to the receiver. If I had to guess, I would say that someone tried to pry on the pin that the UF stock rotates on but it looks like factory work because the finish is perfect. Thanks
I had an SAS UF with marks like you describe. The bottom right edge of the receiver. I guessed it was the milling tool or the casting of the receiver. I sent pics to Arsenal and a letter. Never heard back fron them.
I later sold the rifle as it was NIB and bought another Classic.
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