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Ok... I know I will regret this down the line but I need the cash bad right now.

I just bought this a few months back from forum member Stottman. Here's the original for sale thread link. http://www.theakforum.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=26&t=125838

He built this baby by taking a milled SAS-M7 underfolder rifle and a barrel assembly from a milled SA M-7 SFC. It's a semi-auto clone of the Bulgarian AR-M2F law enforcement assault rifle.

AR-M2F link:

I had a custom barrel covering made up for it and it fits like a glove. It's made out of aluminum and copied from the Bulgarian 4-piece flash hider (the barrel nut will be included too). I will include the pictured, brand new 30 round Bulgy mag too (the steel one in the first photo). Underfolder locks up perfect both ways if you're wondering. I added the cleaning rod too.

Stottman fired the rifle 150 rounds and I've shot it about 200 rounds. It runs 100% perfect.

$1375 shipped with the barrel covering, or $1,300 shipped without it. I will take USPS money orders or online payment (+3% to cover fees). Please make sure your FFL will receive shipment from non-FFL private party.

(pics removed)
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