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SOLD Arsenal AK-47 Milled Receiver Model SLR-100H

I have for sale an Arsenal AK-47 Milled Receiver Model SLR-100H cal. 7.62x39. The rifle is pristine and is in excellent condition. It was built on a new Hungarian kit by Blue Ridge. Some people said that Gordon Tech build the best SLR 100 out the 4 builders. IMO and people that own a Blue Ridge say there the best, I know because I own both and sold the Gordon Tech after shooting my friends Blue Ridges. Had to get one and months of looking I found this one.

Blue Ridge threaded the barrel in the receiver so it not press in like most AKs. Very smooth action and the best trigger I have seen on an AK. I had this in my safe for long time and never fired it. Does have the scope mount attachment on the left side. The wood is Beautiful, one of the reason it stay in the safe. The barrel thread protector is not weld to the barrel. Comes with 3 New 30 round mags.

PM me with your e-mail address for pictures.

First I'll take follow by a PM take it. Payment is a USPS Money Order.

$1600 shipped This item is cross posted on other forums

Rifle in Locate in Florida



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Just because you see a pin doesn't mean its pressed. My looks just like the one on the left.

View attachment 1477

Those were turned down on a lathed, pressed and crossed pinned in. Blue Ridge did not go through the trouble of threading those Bulgarian receivers and screwed in the barrels. It was way easier to turn down the kit barrel threads and press fit in.

Blue Ridge was one of 4 companies contracted back then by Intrac to build up these Hungarian Milled kits on the SLR-100H receivers they imported. All 4 companies got paid the same rate by Intrac and Blue Ridge would not have gone to that expense of threading the receivers and dealing with timing and head spacing issue it would ensue. Regardless though the Blue Ridge rifles were considered the best of the bunch, just not screw threaded.

You picture just show a barrel still had a lip on it that was not machined off. dabondsan is correct and your reported posting of it is not valid.
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