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ETA: I will also consider a bolt action .22 target rifle in partial trade.
I have an Arsenal 107CR in 7.62X39. It has one of the harder to find metal triangle side folding stocks. The barrel has been shortened and the muzzle device has been tack welded to make the overall barrel length 16". It's a very compact rifle when it's folded up. I've put Russian laminated wood on the handguard and a Russian pistol grip on it. The finish is a woodland camouflage duracoat. I thought about repainting it black but I decided to leave that up to the next owner. The rifle has less than 300 rounds through it. It comes with four Bulgarian circle 10 30rd magazines fully loaded with 120rds, a cheap Chicom chest pouch, a Chicom five mag shoulder pouch, a Polish drop case, oil bottle and cleaning kit. I bought all of the accessories at gunshows and picked the rifle up in a trade. I haven't used any of it much at all. I've checked around Gunbroker as well as a few boards and have decided that with the mags, ammo and accessories included $900 plus shipping is more than a fair asking price. I have some pictures I can send via email upon request. I also have over 35 additional loaded magazines and aprox 900 additional rounds of 7.62X39 ammo. I'm looking to get into a Springfield Armory M1A. If you have one to trade I'd be happy to see it and discuss a trade deal. Let me know what you have.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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