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Are there still SLR-107FR available?

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The subject says it all but I hope I didn't miss the boat on the SLR-107FR models. Do you guys know of any places that still have them in stock?
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Give Blaine at Atlantic Firearms a call.
make sure you get a new one shipped in may,with brake not hider as well ask for a test target, a lot 1/3 of the first ones were nothing but problems!
they are limited ed. :hail: :dance: :smileak: :animak:
Ren said:

Has them too.
I'd recommend these guys. When the fiasco with the canted front sights really got going these guys called me up and offered to pay for my shipping back to Arsenal... Good folks and I'll buy from them again if I get the chance!

Thekatar said:
Give Blaine at Atlantic Firearms a call.
I checked today and they are in stock.
Atlatic firearms has them for $839. which is $73. cheaper. :dance:

Arsenal has them listed at MSRP $1,002.00.

$839 from Atlantic Firearms would be $163 cheaper.

Maybe you were looking at wrong one?

i just wonder how many will be made? usually on limited or special ed.
they do 2500. might have to get 1 more, arsenal has from what i hear
milled underfolders coming out very soon, 1 or 2 month but will cost dealer $1300. and in order for the dealer to get 1 he has to also buy 4 stamped aks. which will make our price $1600.-2000.? would be cheaper to get 1 no ban milled folder, their avail. for $1500. :shock: :bigwow:
just got quoted 1242 on a sam7 UF from a local-ish shop. claims 4 weeks...um, i somehow dont believe that ....also a guy about 2 hrs from me had 107f for 719 and fr for 769, think he had them listed on GB...he wont let me pick up so that sucks as i get socked for tax and shipping as well as ffl...thats $50 bucks but still cheaper than anywhere else i have seen.
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