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Purchased from RRC Firearms a couple of months back, but I'm hot for an SLR-104FR. This firearm is a beautiful AK-74 with brown furniture (all wood, even the pistol grip), EG Bakelite magazine and brown Bulgarian 30rd. magazine. Rear sight has been replaced with an RPK type from AKBuilder. Your choice of muzzle brake or flash suppressor.


5.45 x 39 caliber semi-auto rifle
Bulgarian Surplus parts kits
Removable brake/flash hider
Built on high quality Waffen Werks receiver
Full 922R compliant
Side rail scope mount
U.S. chrome lined barrel (ESS Solutions- 16.25 inch barrel, twist 1x8, 4 groove)
Tapco G2 fire control group
KG GunKote finish
Bayonet Lug
Overall Length 37"
Weight 7lbs
Plano Gun Case
One year manufacturer warranty

Full Disclosure: Minor binding of safety with the receiver cover when safety is in the "on" position, but not terribly bad.
I don't have any way to post a pic at this time, but your satisfaction is guaranteed. $625.00 + shipping/handling to your FFL.

Please PM me if interested.


This is an older picture of a 74 with the described furniture and Bulgarian flash suppressor. Just to give you an idea what it looks like:

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