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Anyone have a single 7.62 bakelite mag they want to sell for under a first born child (im pretty attached to mine)., Im building an EG clone and would like to have this to finish the "look", thanks for the help. :dance:
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Unless it's just for coolness factor, the bakelite magazine in 7.62mm wouldn't be "correct" (I hate using that word) for your East German clone.

But there is, indeed, something to the look of a rifle with a bakelite magazine in it.

Well I wouldent want to be in"correct", thanks for the "correction" :razz: ,
nice to know .
sadly, I only have two; one is carved up with a pic of a lady on it and the other is a 100% specimen....sorry :sad:
If you want a 7.62 Bakelite

I'll sell you one.

PM me
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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