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Anyone that bought the rusmilitary rear trunnion Ak100 kit..

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This question is for anyone that bought the rear trunnion assembly for the polymer sidefolder stock rusmilitary sells.

I noticed the kit comes with rivets and it has a long rivet. Is this rivet longer than normal so it can accomodate a side rail?
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Or is it the longer short rivet that it comes with.

Just to run down the rivets to be specific:
1 Long rivet
3 short rivets with flat heads
1 short rivet with rounded head that is longer than the flat head rivets.

Are any of these made to accomodate a side rail or do I have to find a different rivet to use.

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That's an odd picture, took me a second to realize why. (the stock is actually on upside-down in relation to the trunnion)

You should have/need one long through rivet and 4 short rivets. Of those 4 short rivets... one will be a little longer than the rest (usually) to allow installation of a rail. If you don't plan on using a rail, use a regular length short rivet. All rivets are traditionally finished with flat heads, with the exception of the head of the through rivet on the right hand side (starboard). That should be round.

I actually just finished up an AK74M build with one of their 101 stocks and trunnions. Keep in mind that if your going with a DCI receiver, the angles for the rear trunnion are slightly different (very slight) because they were cut for a bulgarian trunnion of that type.
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