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Anyone else having problems with ORF's website?

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I keep getting my anti-virus software popping up that there is a Trojan virus.
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I got it last year, I think Todd said that he was having problems with it. I would just give them a call. Helen or Kelly will take greart care of you.
I am still getting a Trojan virus when I go to this website. I called and let Kelly know earlier in the week.
Yep, me too. It just freezes up my browser so I can't get into the shopping section.
it appears to be some sort of activex control they want you to install I installed it and now website works fine
I can't see why a web site like ORF's would need you to install an Active X program.

I always pass on Active X installation unless I know exactly why it is being installed.

Willy Nilly Active X installations are a perfect way to trash your computer via Trojan Horses, Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Malware, etc.

It may well be that ORF has a good reason to install an Active X program.

I would...call by phone...or...write an email...and get a verification from ORF before I installed an Active X program.

Who knows? Maybe ORF's site got hacked.

Sites get hacked all the time.

FWIW, I would verify first.
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You know, ORF's site was hacked by some Turkish fools a short while ago. I tried visiting the site using IE7 and didn't get any ActiveX prompts, but I'm sure some people are. I would certainly advise against installing any ActiveX add-ons. Period. There was a thread posted about the hacking incident. Lemme search for it, and I'll update my post in a sec.

Here ya go:

Original site hacking report:
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