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Hi all,

First to the Mods...please move if in the wrong forum.

Anyone interested in a trade for a Bushie M4 with Midwest Industries rail (non-FF), and Tango Down vert grip? I'd love to trade it for an AK 47. The rifle has approximately 300 rounds fired. New springs all around, There are a couple of very small cosmetic dings near the buffer tube made while removing the tube with nut wrench ( man,Bushie must weld these things on!) to put in the springs and I have touched these up with aluma black. Warts and all, I'd say it's worth $750 +. It shoots great and I've never had a stoppage of any kind. I'd like to trade it for an AK47 of similar value, but I'm open to offers. I can send pics to whomever wants them and I'll get some posted here tomorrow. Please let me know via IM if anyone is interested.

ETA> looking for rifle in 7.62.39 :smile:
ETA> Here are some pics
Rifle pic 1
Rifle pic 2
Rifle pic 3
Rifle Pic 4
Rifle Pic 5
Rifle Pic 6
Rifle Pic 7
Rifle Pic 8
Rifle Pic 9
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