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Any Unimog owners here?

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I am considering picking up an s404 in what appears to be great shape. Anyone who owns one have any advice? It will be used off road only in and around my home in a large national forest back stateside.
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Its a good vehicle, but how hard would it be to get parts here in the States?
as of right now spare parts are readily available. How long that will hold true however is anyones guess.
If the price is good, and you can get some spare parts to set aside, go for it! I have friends in Europe that speak highly of that truck.
We have a importer/dealer south of Denver. I do like this one in Arkansas. Is 10k a good price ? http://www.pinzgauer.com/shpics.php?tab ... &idnum=106

Here's the COLO Club....

One of the CO dealers

Nice link to US Dealers
thats the one im looking at. Seems to be an excellent price for the shape its in.

Im familiar with all the links you posted, was just wondering if anyone here is an owner.

I tried to buy one when i lived in UT,but the bank would not loan me the $. It was a 69 model and had a rag top,crew box on the back,vegetation cutter on the front one awesome buggy.It had a bunch of shifters in the cab and could shift down into great great grandma to use the vegetation cutter. UDOT runs a few Mog's and sometimes uses one to pull the stuck Hummers out of the snow in Park City (the beverly Hills of Utah) LOL :dance:
First one I ever saw was about 7yrs ago at the Natonal Western Stock Show here every Jan. It was 10k then ! :neutral: Nice to see not much inflation. I just read about the 25yr Import rule on the CO vendor site. Much tougher than the old "Gray market" Euro car regs.

O3humpalot - Hope you can swing it. :grin:

I miss the MG3 & mount that I used to see in Germany. Now that was a truck!
Unless you are a VERY competant automotive mechanic I would stay away. A brake job runs about $1000.00 in parts. The electrical systems are, well old school German, voltage regulators are about $300 alternators and starters go up from there. There seems to be a good number of parts available for now due to the surplus from Europe, but that will dry up sooner or later. All I know is that the town of Vail CO had several 404A's and some 500 series that they bought new, they sold them all becouse they were to expensive to maintain. And this is a town where the cops' patrol cars are Saab's and Land Rovers.
I'd do a Jeep. Of course I'm biased, I have 2 runners and one "project" right now.

There are soooooooo many parts available and you can even build a "old" one from new aftermarket parts.

No computers, no ac, no electric window motors, no BS trying to get to the spark plugs.
I'd do a Jeep. Of course I'm biased, I have 2 runners and one "project" right now.

There are soooooooo many parts available and you can even build a "old" one from new aftermarket parts.

No computers, no ac, no electric window motors, no BS trying to get to the spark plugs.
Yea, I think Jeep is the way to go! I've got a wrangler and a79 truck. Lots of aftermarket parts and conversion kits.
unimogs are so expensive.....you would be better off picking up a set of axles off of one, throwing them under a tube frame with a diesel and your own homemade body......using a motor that is common, 5.9 cummins, 6.9 IHC, 6.2 ect.ect.ect.

unimogs are not the vehicle to get started with....
Thanks for the word fellas,
im going to pass. I have been screwing with jeeps for a while now and am planning on selling my 72 Waggy and just grabbing an old CJ5 or something down the line.
I ran into the cost thing with the Ferret, so I pulled the motor and trans and replaced it with a tall deck chevy...electrical upgrades as well...I kept the original stuff off to the side....its been a life long project...
@%#^&%* !!!! It won't post my jpeg of a beautiful turreted Ferret :mad:
I had a 1963 404 for about six months, It was my first MV. I sold it and bought a Pinzgauer and never looked back. There easier to work on and just as off road comapatible as a mog and are a little faster. Shift into four wheel drive on the fly too. the only problem is they make noise at high speed and there really is nothing you can do to fix the sound, you just live with it. All my friends had Jeeps, broncos and lifted pick ups, I wanted something different and just as capable. I've had about 15 Military vehicles to date but always tell myself that i'm gonna get another Pinzie.

My past three MV's have all been M151's, currently have an 1967 M151A1 and you'd be surprised on how well it does off road, the indipendant suspension rocks over terrain and has enough power to overcome most if not all Michigan obstacles, its light compared to other vehicles and can be man handled if you get stuck. There also very easy to work on and the motor is indestructable, originally the motor was designed for use as a generator motor and it is quite dependable. The same basic design was used from the late 1950's to the early 1980's, that says something about the design. The 24v system is totally water proof and with the proper intake/exhaust snorkle kit can run underwater (i've done it, just don't get stuck in the muck :neutral: ). If you're looking for a good off roader that wont break the bank I would look for a nice "cut" M151, every part is available and are still cheap. There are even companies making replacement body panels for them now. Check out G503.com they have a nice forum on M151's and every other MV out there including 404 mog's.

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