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Any Oregon Builders out there?

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Building a rifle in Portland ,OR , dont want to buy new tools in this current state of kit supply. Looking to borrow/rent/trade services.

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i have built some stuff. i am about as far away from you as we could get but hey, if you ever come down here..... :dance:
turbo does some cool/unheard of things.....
.....like make a business out of a hobby.....
my buddy is in the grant's pass area but his broke ass will probably never get around to attending any kind of BP in the area. good luck guys!
I would post in the AR15 htf. There are some guys there that can help.
I used to live in Grants pass..
how was it?

ALRIGHT my first couble post! yes. :lol:
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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