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Another Quick AK74 Price Check Please

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In Range Built AK74 on a heat treated ITM/OOW receiver with an RSA adjustable trigger group. Built on a matching Bulgy kit. Folding triangle stock. Thanks for the help.
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post pics?
the RSA trigger is 75-90$ alone. bulgarian AK74 side folder kit runs around 500$ now days, no idea what that receiver brings/cost. I know the DCI one is 105$+, compliance parts minus FCG listed 30$ (?). labor $250.00 and finish 75$

$1000.00 give or take 50 bucks.
my numbers could be off i have no idea what in range charges for labor. and im not the local expert either lol
I'll post a close up pic for everyone once I get the gun in my hands. The pics I have now are not close/clear enough. That is right about what the seller valued the gun to be. Looking forward to my first 5.45 gun. Now to buy a few more mags and some ammo. This AK hobby is starting to cost real money!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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